Designed for Clinical Practice

HOMe has been proven and tested as a viable and effective clinical practice for almost a decade. And the wait is officially over! You can now register for the Academy and join the rapidly growing community of Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe) and Health Optimization Practitioners (HOPe) who are changing the paradigm of health.

Registration for the Academy will give you free access to the Introduction to HOMe and HOPe Online Professional Education Module. No credit card required.


Medicine Begins at HOMe

Allopathic Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Complementary Medicine, and Functional Medicine are all “Illness Medicine” practices. They all diagnose and treat disease.

HOMe, on the other hand, simply detects and corrects imbalances applying the sciences of Clinical Metabolomics, Epigenetics, Bioenergetics, Gut Immune System, Exposomics, Chronobiology, and Evolutionary Medicine – subjects that are not currently taught in medical schools. And they also happen to be the modules of the HOMe certification.

When the body is in balance, improved wellbeing and health follow naturally. Any disease that happens to improve by correcting imbalances is just a beneficial side effect of optimal balancing.

The HOMe Mission

HOMe Certification Modules

Clinical Metabolomics

HOMe puts heavy emphasis on measuring and optimizing. This module establishes the fundamentals for your HOMe journey.


All biological systems go through cycles in time. By respecting those cycles, we are "swimming with the current", and optimal health is much easier to attain.


“We live in a toxic world!” seems like such a blasé statement, but it remains true nonetheless. Exposomics focuses on what to do about it.


Our environment controls the expression of our genetic code. Using HOMe, we coax the body towards genetic expression (and suppression) that promotes optimal health.

Evolutionary Biology

The machine that is the human body was built over many millions of years, under a wide variety of conditions. We have to keep this evolutionary past in mind in order to build well-being in the present and future.


Bioenergetics focuses on measuring and improving all aspects of cellular energy function, starting at the mitochondrial level, and climbing all the way up to your daily dietary protocol.

The Gut Immune System

Your gut is the system which is the most exposed to the outside world. It is no wonder why it is where core immune defence protocols are established.

Don’t guess, test! Network-Wide Range Shifting

The HOMe academy is a next-generation coursework platform — with novel features and cutting-edge review tools — built for you, a busy professional whose mission is to change the paradigm of health, one client at a time.

Network-wide range shifting refers to the innovative approach HOMe has developed that shifts objectively detected levels of metabolites, especially of the major hormone and nutrient networks, into the optimal ranges seen in healthy adults aged 21 to 30 or evolutionarily-derived values.

This means that HOMe does not use the same reference ranges for laboratory tests used in Illness Medicine. This also means that an entire metabolic subnetwork of values is shifted and not just one value. For example, in hormone optimization, testosterone or estradiol is never given singly but always together with all the other major hormones in the major neuroendocrine system or nexi. Since manipulating one node within a network contextually affects the other nodes to which it is connected, all must be addressed together for optimal results.

The Team

Just because you are not sick does not mean that you are well. It just means that you are not sick. I created HOMe to optimize health, not treat disease

Theodore Achacoso, MD

HOMe is the foundational approach to health that I have been searching for since medical school.

Scott Sherr, MD

HOMe optimizes my athletes and makes more resilient all those who follow the program. Its power is in its simplicity and breadth at the same time.

Roland Pankewich

I trained conventionally and always knew that those first two years have more application to our well being than lead to believe. HOMe has shown me the way.

Shekhar Pai, MD

We have pioneered HOMe in the Philippines and it is time to take it global!

Paulita (Pinky) Villegas Baclig, MD

Allopathic and functional medicine are illness focused. It is time we focused on Health and HOMe is the first program truly dedicated to this.

Jason Prall

Upcoming HOMe events

Inaugural HOMe Conference
Apr 23, 2018, San Francisco Bay Area
Inaugural HOMe conference to kickstart the practice of Health Optimization.