The HOMe Story starts in Manila

Dr. Ted Achacoso founded Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe) in his home country of the Philippines after he realized that illness medicine, where he had trained and excelled as an interventional neuroradiologist and pharmacology, was reactive, interventional, and could benefit from an entirely different approach: one that optimized health instead of treated disease.

Over several years, he became an expert in the intricacies and power of metabolomic, gut, and hormone optimization, along with the additional tenants of what became HOMe. He left out as much testing as he could with the 80/20 principle in mind at all times: 80% of the benefit for 20% of the effort. And this case, the “effort” was lab testing. It was key to measure and quantify but at the same time only measure and quantify what was absolutely necessary for health, leaving illness medicine to the world of disease and disease treatment.

HOMe Making No Claims (but wow!)

HOMe became central to BioBalance, Dr. Ted’s clinic in the Philippines--and very quickly he began to see his patients flourish like never before. Some, like a young boy with severe bipolar disorder, had a reversal of his disease and was able to come off medications and go back to college. Others became more resilient to life’s stressors such as frequent travel or a stressful job. Even others realized that they were getting sick much less often. Dr. Ted was careful to make no claims: Health Optimization Medicine did not treat or diagnose any disease. Instead, any clinical improvements in diseases or conditions was simply a the result of having true foundational, real-time, preventative wellness.

Dr. Ted constantly studied and honed the art of measuring borderline deficiencies and subtle toxicities. He then compared these values to optimal ranges using his own algorhythm, via “network-wide range shifting”, moving away from illness medicine “normals” and creating normal ranges that reflected our most resilient age range: males and females between the ages of 21 to 30 year. Dr. Ted also health optimized himself, always personally testing supplement and hormone formulations prior to bringing them into clinical practice. He is fond of saying that he’s tried everything that his patients have tried, “except for female-specific doses of estrogen!” Dr. Ted maintained (and still does) a tri-continental practice that required constant travel and time zone changes. HOMe dramatically improved his own resilience, his vitality, and his quality of life.

Dr. Ted is a force of nature (and IQ)

Dr. Ted has a bio that could fill pages and pages and you can find that here. But in short, he has been a leader in fields as varied as medical informatics, artificial intelligence, quant trading, and the mathematics of consciousness. He also authored a book containing the first-ever neural circuitry database for an organism (c. elegans) and was the chief science officer of a company that pioneered parallel, cluster, cloud, and distributed emergent computing.

In all of these fields and projects, including HOMe which he began lecturing on in 2009, Dr. Ted was at least a decade before his time. He was a futurist before that term was invented and as a physician, he knew that medicine was ripe for innovation and paradigm-shifting practice. As Dr. Ted likes to say, “just because you are not sick does not mean you are well. It just means that you are not sick”. And those that were sick received disease-focused care and a disease management plan but had no health management plan. HOMe was founded to fill this void; to move the needle on health and to do it in a collaborative way with clients, using foundational principles of health based on our biochemistry and evolutionary biology.

HOMe Goes Global!

Dr. Ted spent 8 years honing the practice of HOMe at BioBalance in the Philippines and during which time he certified 4 physician in HOMe. and the interest from the across the world grew quickly. As Dr. Ted likes to say: “This is not an ‘If you build it they will come’ situation. It’s more like, ‘Holy Sh*t, they’re coming and I gotta organize!”.

In 2015, Dr. Ted, recorded a podcast series with health care practitioner and filmmaker, Jason Prall. Jason and Ted became fast friends and spoke at length about the massive potential of HOMe in the USA. Dr. Shekhar Pai, an internal medicine physician in Los Angeles, listened to the podcast series and was blown away by Dr. Ted’s off-the-charts IQ and EQ, and the potential of HOMe. Dr. Shekhar spent most of his money to meet Dr. Ted late in 2016 at the World Congresses for Microbiota and Mitochondria in France and Germany. Shekhar may have lost his passport on the trip but it was an otherwise transformative one for both of them, although neither quite knew to what extent at the time.

The HOMe Team

Several months later, in January of 2017, Shekhar convinced Dr. Ted to visit Los Angeles where he met Roland Pankewich, an optimal health practitioner from Toronto, and Dr. Scott Sherr, an Internal Medicine physician from the Bay Area who specialized in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Roland and Scott journeyed from different locales but after their trip to LA, it was abundantly clear that the path forward was paved with HOMe and Dr. Ted leading the way. What followed were journeys to San Francisco, Toronto, and other locales/dimensions to formalize the organization and timelines for moving the "needle on health", as Dr. Ted likes to say.

Scott became COO of Health Optimization Medicine-USA, Roland the CEO of Health Optimization Practice North America, and Shekhar the Chief Connector. The team then quickly expanded to include Sarah Achacoso and Pauline Tokunaga for organizing and legal support. In October, 2017 Dr. Ted formally presented the framework of Health Optimization Medicine in Berlin at the World Congress meetings on Mitochondria and Microbiota.

Development of the HOMe Academy then ramped up in 2018 thanks to the behemoth efforts our programming team (developing the platform from the ground up) and Dr. Ted's initial HOMe/HOPe Certified Practitioners in Manila, Dr. Pinky Baclig, Dr. Cenia Acevedo, Dr. Peter Quilendrino, and Dr. Isa Quilendrino.

On February 14h, 2019, the HOMe/HOPe Academy released the free Introductory Module thanks to their work, the contributions of the entire HOMe/HOPe Team, and the feedback from our initial classes of alpha and beta users.

A few days later, on February 18th, 2019, the the Clinical Metabolomics Module was released and available for purchase.