Why get Certified?

As Dr. Ted likes to say: “This is not an ‘If you build it they will come’ situation. It’s more like, ‘Holy Sh*t, they’re coming and I gotta organize!” Our waitlist of patients is already growing. We need you. Your are the butterfly and the hurricane is almost here.

Here’s why you should get certified:

HOMe is scalable: Because HOMe optimizes health and does not treat disease, it can be practiced exclusively online (virtually), in the office setting, or a combination of the two given you. Scale your practice anywhere you want to be and scale your impact at the same time!

HOMe is freedom: HOMe is freedom from the medical paradigm – outside the insurance model – and a result is a cash-based practice that can be performed in combination with illness medicine or on its own. It is also freedom from the office, if you choose.

Embrace your inner ADD! The HOMe Academy was developed with index cards and novel review tools to make it easy to learn the material whether you have 2 minutes or 2 hours to set aside.

Let’s get clinical, clinical (sing it!)! Unlike many courses where a lot of time is spent on didactics, the HOMe Academy is laser focused on giving you only the most clinically relevant information. As soon as you finish module 1, Metabolomics, and pass the exam, you’ll be able to start practicing Health Optimization Medicine. The HOMe team will be there to support you as well, every step of the way.