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Welcome to the HOMe Academy! Here you will find a FREE Introduction to Health Optimization Medicine and Practice (HOMe/HOPe) that includes a comprehensive introductory video lecture by the pioneer himself, Dr. Ted Achacoso. This was a lecture recorded in April, 2018 and those in attendance paid $2,000 USD per seat. The free introduction also includes details about the organization of the Academy, Enrollment Eligibility, Certifications Offered, CME credits available (45 CME Credits for Metabolomics!), a Guide to the Clinical Implementation of HOMe/HOPe, and more!

Clinical Metabolomics, the first module of seven that comprise the Basic Certification in HOMe/HOPe is ALSO NOW AVAILABLE as well. After completing the Clinical Metabolomics module and passing the exam, you will then have the option to apply to practice*. HOMe Clinical Metabolomics if you meet eligibility criteria (see FREE Intro to learn more).

HOMe modules are built with index cards and novel review tools to make it easy to learn the material whether you have 2 minutes or 2 hours to set aside. Physicians and Practitioners (and all of us, really) are in a world where focus is near-impossible and the founders of HOMe are no exception. Dr. Ted can’t remember what time zone he’s in as he travels the world for his tricontinental practice. Dr. Scott, the COO of HOMe-USA, has 4 young children who vie for his attention at all times. Roland Pankewich, CEO of HOPe in the USA and Canada, loves to drive his custom blue Camaro and read index cards at stop lights. And Dr. Shekhar, our Chief Connector, loves that the modules were built to be “digested” in short, bite-sized chunks.

It’s an ADHD world so why not work with the grain rather than against it!

HOMe is Clinical Practice.

All of us on the HOMe team actively see clients so we have created the HOMe modules with a laser focus on clinically relevant material. We have relegated extraneous and reference materials to “hidden” areas within the coursework that you can access if you wish as well as external links when appropriate.

In the HOMe Academy, you will learn the art of measuring borderline deficiencies and subtle toxicities, comparing these values to optimal ranges using network-wide range shifting, and balance using active forms of nutrients and bio-identical hormones.

* For those interested in practicing HOMe/HOPe, we are also developing a clinical practice ecosystem that will streamline the practice with diagnostic and therapeutic integrations, network-wide range shifting algorithms, and phlebotomy resources -- all at reduced costs compared to market rates.